Welcome to Baytna, "our home"

It has long been a Mediterranean tradition to cook fresh and wholesome food in a warm and inviting environment.  Growing up, there was always a seat left open at the dinner table and a plate of food set to the side for unexpected guests.  At Baytna we keep these traditions alive by recreating generations old family recipes and modeling the hospitality the people of the Mediterranean are known for.  Sahtain, “in good health”!

Beef Shawerma

Marinated tender cuts of beef, slow roasted on our middle eastern rotisserie.

Chicken Shawerma

Our specialty! Marinated chicken slow roasted on a middle eastern rotisserie.

Chicken Kabob

7 spice marinated boneless chicken breast cooked over a charcoal grill.


Tender chick peas, parsley, onions and Mediterranean spices ground together.